My passion in life is helping people put their skills to work to achieve exceptional outcomes. When people pursue what they care about, and commit themselves to the moments that matter, they can achieve anything. I don't mean the parent who lifts their car to save a child or runs back into a burning house to save the family labradoodle. Most people find the energy and effort to manage a crisis.

I'm talking about the day-to-day decisions that determine your direction.

When the defining moment comes either you define the moment or it defines you. Choose well and you progress. Choose poorly and you drop back and face even harder choices. Don't choose at all and you passively accept whatever comes your way. However success is defined for you - it is the decisions we make, the actions we take and the outcomes we serve that determine our level of success.

Your willingness to create a better future is a statement in the belief of your potential. 
Do you need to stretch yourself for something worthwhile?

I work with motivated people to create more for the future. This work has included turning around disengaged teams and helping empower people to champion organisational change. I've assisted professional athletes find another level and helped leaders under pressure find clarity amidst complexity. People of influence also seek my counsel and appreciate my considered insight. 

Perhaps you have a pressing issue we could tackle together?


The world is already full of people who need just a nanosecond to start talking about themselves to tell everyone what they've done. Most of the time this lacks personality because it's all about positioning. So rather than add fuel to that fire - here's a little more
about me without taking it all too seriously.

1. I invented the word "standatory"
2. Held a part-time job as a black thunder pilot for Fox FM
3. Have been formally introduced to Her Majesty the Queen  
4. Once I was caught at work cuddling a plastic mannequin called TAM
5. In 1999 I spent time as a net bowler for Australia's World Cup Cricket Team
6. I've failed frequently but with no regrets - life lessons learned move you forward
7. My wife Sarah, son Benjamin and daughter Isabelle make life fun and give me joy
8. My Harley Davidson Softail and the nearest highway are a regular source of relaxation  
9. I call my parents 'the shareholders' in recognition of their contribution to my work and life