April 18, 2015 | by Andrew Horsfield

The fallacy of fear

Most of the valuable work we do involves fear.

Taking a step forward to make a difference or move things forward involves some calculated risk. Where there is risk you will always find fear. The brave, successful and admirable who make things happen are not fearless. They just decide to deal with the emotion.

They look their fear in the eye and are brave enough to say what they are scared of... like losing, being exposed, sounding stupid, looking silly, missing out, being hurt or not succeeding. This gives fear a focus that can be managed or mitigated, rather than a reason not to act.

Alternatively, we focus on fear as a generic label and amplify its existence. An unsurmountable set of circumstances that get anaesthetised with excuses for inaction. Like a lack of time, money, position, motivation or means to do the work that matters and makes a difference.

The feelings associated with fear are real. Using them as a reason to prevent progress is a fallacy. Taking the step forward is rarely easy. Rehearsing your fears only makes that step harder to take.


September 3, 2015 | by Andrew Horsfield

The F word

I failed today. In fact I have been most of this week. Things I attempted to try didn't work. Ideas I tried to cultivate didn't eventuate. Despite some significant effort I have come up short.


July 29, 2015 | by Andrew Horsfield

Build your assets

High achievers continually evolve. They continually evolve by building new skills that augment existing capability. This matters because success takes the highest levels of personal leadership.


March 15, 2018 | by Andrew Horsfield

Success has no middle ground

One morning late in 2013 Melissa Breen woke to learn that Athletics Australia had decided to cut her funding.